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January 27, 2017

Tech Roundup from CES 2017

This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was a little quiet compared to the past shows but it still left all the tech geeks drooling over the Hi-Tech gadgets. There were not so many blockbuster gadgets this year but the eye candy was enough for everyone. Big brands like Amazon, LG and Samsung had a lion’s share of crowd’s attention like always and guess what? AI was the hot-cake at CES 2017! We have made a list of our top gadgets in CES 2017. Take a look!


AI Toothbrush

What? Yes! Kolibree is a well-known company which unveiled its new product “Ara” at CES this week. They claim that it’s the first toothbrush with AI. No, that doesn’t mean that the toothbrush will talk to you and play your favorite song! Instead, it will monitor how long you use your toothbrush and what parts of your sweet 32 don’t get cleaned usually. The deep algorithm will analyze the data and will send you a report every week through email so you can power up your brushing game.


ara-toothbrush-kolibree-design-products-ces_dezeen_2364_col_9 (1)




No, wearables are not dead! Plume is a useful wearable that helps you keep track of an important thing, the pollution! Pollution is a big problem nowadays and Plume that is like a fit-bit for air tracks particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. It is super portable and you can clip it to your stroller, bag or bike! Plume on the backend, works with Bluetooth Low Energy. The company’s vision is to create a community of flow users and build live maps of current pollution in your city. That’s a good thing!





Smart Toaster!

We’re ready to get tasty breakfast from now! Griffin Connected Toaster is a micro-managing toaster that will give you the toast of your preference. Half toasted? Full toasted? You name it and the button is there! You can also control the toaster from your phone. Yes, there is an app! Basically, it’s part of a three-piece smart home system by the company that has a smart coffee maker with a smart mirror that gets the notifications from these two devices. Unique, right? With the app, you can set the timer, tell it if you like one side black and one white (Weird!) and what not!





Simple-human Trash can

Yeah, many products turned out trash but there was a little shocker at CES when this Simple-human trash-can was revealed! This hi-tech garbage box is voice-activated trash-can that opens and closes through verbal commands. The next version of this unique trash will have Wi-Fi, additional languages and the ability to track your garbage stock (Is that even a thing?). The smaller version which is the garbage only, costs around $180 and the larger one that has both trash and recycling receptacles has a price tag of $240.





Hair Coach

Just when we thought that this couldn’t get cooler, we saw this smart hair brush! Nokia-owned Withings, L’Oreal’s innovation labs and Kerastase made this smart hair brush and unveiled it at CES. Hair Coach incorporates Bluetooth and WiFi functionalities. What problem does it solve? It gives you data about your hair’s health and even tells you about your hair-brushing habits. This hi-tech hair brush has a microphone installed so it can hear you brushing patterns, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, commodity sensors(to analyze your brush patterns) transducers to measure the pressure you apply to your hair along with a conductivity sensor to know if you are brushing on wet hair or dry (wow!). The hair brush looks ugly but it’s worth buying!





The Willow

Willow was a winner at CES 2017. It is a smart breastfeeding pump that allows you to feed your baby without using your hands. Mothers have to pump several times per day for months and Willow solves that problem. It has an app too that keeps tracking all the milk volume, sessions and time. Willow was widely praised at CES because it solves a real problem, only has a few parts and easy to set up and clean! There are other smart breastfeeding pumps in the markets but Willow in undoubtedly the best one out there.


mg-9528-1-1 (1)




At CES 2017, we saw a Polaroid camera too! Yes, and it totally stole the show with its unique features. Polaroid’s pop is a good camera that goes up to 20 megapixels along with the functionality of knowing what you get until the picture develops! There is a 3.97-inch touch screen LCD on the rear allowing you to take a look at your photo before it develops.





Even after being pretty quiet this year, CES 2017 still managed to make noise in the tech scene with these cool gadgets. We are looking forward to the next year’s CES to hear some names other than IoT and AI. Until we meet again!



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