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January 17, 2017

The Very First Meme Stock Market is Here!

How do you explain what a meme is? It’s simple, you don’t! Because it’s uncool to explain what a meme is. Memes have become an essential part of our internet culture. When the internet was created, jokes were just jokes, plain text, but soon after, we started to incorporate rich media in it and jokes become pictures and gifs too. A joke (usually offensive) on a relatable picture – That’s what a meme is! We all love memes and often share them with our friends. Memes are so cool that even Robert Downey Jr. (Iron man) shares them a little too often.



The greatest meme hubs on the internet are Reddit and 4chan. You can find a lot of trolls there and some pretty fresh memes. But recently, there has been a rapid development in the world of memes. The very first meme stock market! No, we’re not joking. r/MemeEconomy is a subreddit that has around 103,687 meme traders who discuss memes and evaluate their market values but they don’t want to stay in Reddit. Brandon Wink and Ron Vaisman, with their team of 12 people are working on a real and interactive stock model that will give life to the idea behind the subreddit. Obviously, there will be no real money involved in the trading but they are making this game for real. They gave a cheeky name to the stock market as well, which is borderline hilarious, NASDANQ!




How does it work?

Well, suppose there is a meme that is getting popular, its market value will be determined by the cultural impact it is making. Who to decide? Well, they are going to leave this on the meme experts; the fans! The meme stock market will operate on its own imaginary currency. After creating an account, each meme trader will be gifted 100 units of the NASDANQ currency. After paying a certain amount of the NASDANQ currency, traders will be able to open their firm of memes as well. The algorithm of NASDANQ will be based on the three-market system. NASDANQ will be the umbrella market and there will be several markets working under it. Another way the memes will get evaluated is the platform scale technique. The life of a meme on different social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan Tumblr etc will decide the value of that meme. The market will incorporate all kinds of memes like Hooded Kermit, only text based memes, image memes, pawn shop memes, screenshot memes, GIFS, etc.




Will it make an impact?

No. Wink and Vaisman are taking this is a sociological project that will help social media comedians get their desired limelight. They have disclosed that they are “pretty close” to launch their website and the app that will be coming afterward. The meme game has risen and it seems that it is ready to sail the meme ship. Since there is no real money involved but the imaginary one, it makes it look more fun and realistic at the same time. Imagine shouting SELL. SELL. SELL if meme gets overrated or the founder cashing out and moving to a private island due to an influx of money. Crazy!






Are there roadblocks?

Yes, several roadblocks. It will be hard to keep track of memes on different platforms. To get the numbers of how many times a meme is shared on Facebook or Twitter or any other platform. Secondly, memes get popular on different platforms in different time periods. For example, Hooded Kermit has died on Reddit but a year later it starts to appear again on Facebook. What will traders do? That’s a question. Will there be a meme market crash? Recession? Bubble bursting? We don’t know that yet but, we want to!


Since we all laugh at meme and love to share them, we are looking forward to the launch of NASDANQ to get something fresh and funny memes. We’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!





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