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January 10, 2017

Expected Designing Trends in 2017

The word “trend” is well-known in the field of designing. The volatile industry of web designing has seen thousands of trends and it’s still changing every year. In 2016, we saw the designers focusing on the responsive UI and in 2017, we are going to encounter its rise. There are many trends waiting to be adopted in 2017 and here are our predictions for the year!


Content friendly design 

The Content was hailed as a King in 2015 and 2016 and we are expecting to see it shines in 2017 too. It is known as “the meat on the bones of the internet” and web-design makes this meat look good. Layouts that allows the content to shine are the hotcakes right now and we are going to see them grow in 2017. Since flowery sidebars and headers do not steal the show anymore, designers are now more focused to make the content look comfortable with typography and other methods.





Mobiles are going to lead the game!


A majority of the internet users now spend most of their time using the internet on their smartphones. Brands have realized that they have to go mobile to make noise on the web. The mobile-first approach gained momentum in 2015 but in 2017, it is going to be on full pace. UI in applications is now a big thing too. However, the usual browsing was not getting its fair share of the unique design. But thanks to this trend, no more ugly landing pages!





Of course, there are several brands that are not going for the mobiles first but they make sure that the website is responsive if it’s not an app. In the past few years, they have realized that if your website is not responsive, it’s of no use. One Size Fits All is not a thing anymore!






Bright colors

The minimalist movement has been a big hit and why shouldn’t it be? It makes the UI look good. A lot of designers are now going for the minimal interface and bright colors are making their place in designs. This movement has led brands to redesign their UI or at least their logos. Yeah… Instagram.


Minimalism allows the designer to infuse the product’s soul color into the design. This is why we are seeing those bright and bold colors everywhere!







Animations (We just love them!)


Rich media has played a vital role in the Digital Marketing scene and it will be a big hit in 2017 as well. Animations enable the designers to explore more tools and experiment their creativity as well. What else? It teaches them how to draw! (If they don’t know how to). Sometimes, a banner is not enough to explain the pitch properly and animation is the medium, content creators usually aim for. From user’s perspective? It’s fun to watch animations. At Aplos, animations hold a very special place. Check out this one!





Goodbye, Flat Design

The flat design is leaving the web-design industry for good because it’s boring when every website looks the same! Designers often restrain themselves from being creative just because of the flat design. Why? Because it’s too basic! Layouts that are creative and imaginative are making their way to the websites.





The Swiss Style design is expected to make waves in 2017 because this design does not solely depend on the minimalist structure but still works fine with the minimalist movement. Take a look!







Geometric shapes and lines became the new thing by the end of 2016 and it looks like they will be all over the place in 2017. The geometric shapes and lines are being implemented in the designs in so many ways. Headers, footers, logos and every other section is getting its own geometrical shape. It will stay as a trend in 2017 as well because there are infinite ways to incorporate these in your design. They are here to stay!







A lot of drawing!

No, we still hate comic sans but hand drawn elements in designing are in the limelight nowadays. They bring a nice and unique touch to the website along with some great UX (if used properly).






This shift to the hand drawn elements from the standard design elements took place because the designers have been using illustrating tools more frequently and brands are being more creative than ever!



2017 is all set to break the designing stereotypes and we are eager to see the designers living up to these expectations and surprise us with some more unique trends! From great typography to geometry and hand drawn elements, these trends are going to dominate the creative industry in 2017



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