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February 1, 2016

CES 2016 – Pantheon of Electronic Revolution

This year, the international CES 2016 emerged as a major step in several different fields where technology has connected our environment to us, and build communication beyond humans.

Every year, the International Consumer Electronics Show attracts a large audience to showcase how our world has started taking the shape of a global village through technology and innovation.


Companies from all around the world come together in this 4-day event to lay claim to a stake of the market and establish themselves as a lead innovation hub to build credibility and to capture the interest of journalists and bloggers all around the globe as the world watches in awe as to just how far has technology taken us.


Dubbed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, CES benchmarks the technological advancement which transcends generic barriers of physical space. Every year, we take a step further into making our fantasies into objective realities.


We take a look at this year’s major makeshifts as they happened.


First things first. Virtual Reality went mainstream.


VR Mainstream

Source: CNET


It seems like a distant past when Oculus Rift crafted the idea of VR headset and 2014 was slapped with different ideas. Come 2016, there were all sorts of VR headsets participating in all sorts of activities. But this is what you will get once you order Oculus Rift now.


Oculus Rift

Source: Scott Steln CNET


Be it the most anticipated HTC Vive Pre.


HTC Vive Pre

Source: Gizmag


Or the Sony Playstation VR, which did not impress much but hey, why not?


Sony PVR

Source: Junkiemonkeys


An emerging trend showcased how automotive engineering is fast becoming an interesting breed.

Concept Cars tell us that while we were definitely excited about Tesla’s electronic cars sporting a tablet. Faraday took the game to another level with its concept car.



Source: The Verge


But BMW changed the game with voice and gesture controlling, unveiling iVision in its i8 Spyder.


BMW i8

Source: The Verge


Speaking of automotive, let’s get our wings up. Yes, drones are all over the place.



Source: Homebt


Not so long ago, drones were a nightmare for middle-east, and now every other Sheikh has one to capture a selfie.


Sheikh with drones - CES

Source: Avax


Look at Typhoon H! Capable of staying up in the air for 22 minutes and at a height of 400m, the drone can capture 4k videos 360 degrees.


Yuneec Typhoon H - CES

Source: Ethan Miller Getty Images


If you think that’s an impressive drone, you got to kid yourself because as it seems, You can even fly in one.


Ehang 184 - CES

Source: Techcrunch


A Chinese company that goes by the name of Ehang introduced their own version of drone. One which can travel up to 60 mph and at a height of 300 to 500m above the ground. How about that for a chopper?

Enough flying, let’s get on the ground and inside the house.

Samsung and Apple fought off another battle at the Home Technology Floor.

While one’s partner company came up with a Hunter fan which controls your HomeKit.


Homekit Hunter Fan - CES

Source: 9t5mac


Samsung let it freeze with a refrigerator.


Samsung Fridge - CES

Source: Gearbrain


Can you two stop?

Because I think Panasonic took the lead here with its disappearing LED TV.

How cool is that?


CES 2016 Panasonic Transparent TV


Speaking of TVs, let’s not forget LG’s OLED technology which can make your TV bent and rolled up.


LG Rollable P-OLED Display -30R- at CES 2016


Samsung had to have a say here as well, so it developed a modular TV.


Samsung's Moving Modular Display Concept TV LED Tiles at CES 2016


Meanwhile, Sony thought it would be perfectly normal to have a short throw projector.


Sonyprojector - CES

Source: CNET


The best prototype was for moms.


Seven Dreamers Laundroid

Source: Techdependent


The Seven Dreamers Laundroid helps you fold your laundry. Ideal for a mother’s day gift?

Or those who do not have moms.

Fitbit jumped on the ceiling with their Blaze.


Fitbit Blaze - CES

Source: The Verge


And Motorola thought it would be ideal to have a pet’s perspective of things with its Scout 5000.


Motorola Scout 5000 Digital Trends

Source: Digital Trends


I think that’s enough.

I can only sit and wonder how much weird our innovations are going to get but it is safe to say that the future tech is truly here and we are excited how this will help our hearts elope with the beautifully crafted gadgets when they hit the market.

At least for our dogs.


Final Pet

Source: Digital Trends


And cats.


And err. Fish?




Definitely babies.


Start saving, 2016 is going to be beautiful.


And if you cannot afford the gadgets, you can certainly subscribe to Netflix, which went global, for US$7.99 a month and chill.



Netflix CES

Source: Guardian





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