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The portfolio on the website also contains some projects that belong to one or more of the Founders and not to Aplos Innovations specifically. The images used on the website are obtained from public sources.

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In a world where complexity prevails, we are the premium agents of quality, the advocates of simplicity

We’re Aplós!"SIMPLE" in Greek

Reason of Being

Aplos was a brainchild of frustration (resulting from the fear of technology found in the society)! Created to oppose the mass-cultural delusion that technology is complex and can’t be simplified for the lay-man’s consumption. Everyday at our office is a new challenge to simplify the day to day tasks of our clients and team. From requirements gathering, to production and management our core focus is to produce premium quality products and have fun while doing that :)


We do not sit-back and relax, because we want them to keep increasing on your every visit!

20+ Brain-force creating magic
200+ Projects closed with a smile on Face
30+ Industries Tapped
15+ Projects undergoing a creative surgery
50+ Mugs of Coffee we brew daily


We are a bunch of passionate people who know the future of Technology and are excited to simplify it!

OWAIS AFAQ Chief Executive Officer

Owais is known as the Sensei of code in Team Aplos, the captain who GETS STUFF DONE that everyone gave up on. His extensive experience in software architecture, project planning and business understanding makes him an all-rounder Technopreneur who is a Geek from front-end but Ironman at back-end.

SYED HAMEED Chief Creative Officer

Hameed is a true pixel-pusher by gene, one who never gets tired of creating impeccable designs for us and our clients. A unique visual experience is his forte and that always makes people turn their heads at-least for once. Apart from designing, Hameed is always on-the-go for movies and food!

HASHIM YASIN Director Sales & Marketing

With an ENGINEERING degree in hand, Hashim is the POWERHOUSE of Aplos. He handles our easy to hard clients, brainstorm witty ideas with the Marketing team and ensures that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Work aside, when he is not busy in playing Football, he watches it, well, otherwise he discusses it ;)

Oneeb Ahmed Head of Development

A human version of the PHP Compiler who will point out scenarios that only a developer of his experience can. In his 7 years of experience, he has aced almost all leading php frameworks and platforms like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress.

Hira Saeed Senior Manager, Marketing

Hira is on the quest of finding what she loves the most. Coffee, Suits or books? At Aplos, she Likes to work on ideas, tweets them down into 140 characters, grams them on Insta with cool hashtags and watches the web traffic bar go high. Her favorite colors are black, dark black and pitch black!

Faisal Afzal Senior UI/UX Designer

Faisal is the silent bee of Aplos. As much as he is silent on the surface, his mind shouts some surround-sound ideas meanwhile. With over 7 years of experience in the design industry, Faisal now translates clients’ brief into an engaging design in a jiffy!

Shahzeb Khalid Assistant Manager, Animations

Shahzeb grew up watching nothing but anime and animated movies all the time. He calls himself Goku of Dragon Ball Z who is innocent but not stupid, always carefree but is someone that others can naturally count on. A hard-core animator by heart, Shahzeb can give life to any idea given to him.

Muttahir Rasheed UI/UX Developer

Muttahir believes development is in his DNA and tech gadgets are his BFF. With more than 4 years of experience in playing with HTML, CSS and jQuery, Muttahir now confesses his affair with open source technologies. He thinks he only serves the purpose of a day, if he can code a problem away.

Faryal Anwar Assistant Manager, Operations

Always in the search for the perfect club sandwich, Faryal makes every client bow down with her exceptional planning and prototyping skills. She handles external and internal communications at Aplos and keeps an eye on every minor project detail. Oh, did we mention she clicks great selfies?

Ajlal Qureshi Coordinator

Known as the Trouble-shooter of Aplos, Ajlal is the happy-go-lucky face who assures the top-notch internet speed, all glossy hardware and fully-functioning software installations on everyone’s system. He loves to play Table Tennis when he gets free from managing our ever growing databases.


We LOVE to work, because it is not the ONLY thing we do!